Instructions - Exhaust

For installation instructions of your specific exhaust system, refer to the model page that corresponds with your vehicle and click the “Instructions” tab.

Always use LOCTITE (red recommended) when installing screws on your exhaust tip and base plate. Whenever you install a Spark Arrestor, Vortex Insert, new packing, etc., apply Loctite to all screws that were removed.

When installing your exhaust, keep in mind that the mid pipe coming out of the muffler is NOT welded in place and is able to be twisted and taken completely out. This allows for easier adjustment. If needed, remove the spring(s) to adjust the mid pipe, which generally makes it easier to adjust on your vehicle.

Many slip on models require the use of a stock (OEM) gasket where the mid pipe and head pipe meets. Often times this gasket comes off and is stuck inside the stock pipe that is removed. IF your exhaust system requires the use of the stock gasket, GENTLY try to remove this gasket to re-use. If it is not salvageable, then you should purchase a new OEM gasket to make a proper seal.

It is generally recommended that you loosen all bolts, head pipe included, when installing a new exhaust system (slip on or full system) and tighten only when everything is lined up correctly.

Since you now have a performance exhaust, the tuning of your fuel system is required. If you have a carbureted model, proper jetting is required. If you have a fuel injected system, the use of a fuel controller or programmer is required. More info can be found here

Refer to the Big Gun Exhaust Warranty Policy for proper maintenance information and guidelines on how to stay in accordance with the warranty. The complete Warranty Policy can be found here.

* Not all models have instructions. If you find yourself needing assistance, feel free to call (714) 970-0423 and speak to one of our representatives. *